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Shade Sails

Our sails are fully tensioned using turnbuckles and are carefully measured to exact span each fixing point, creating a very professional appearance. Our shade sails are manufactured using marine grade stainless cable which is double lock stitched into the perimeter with marine grade thread. Our posts are galvanised and then powder coated if required. Sail posts and footing are designed to withstand strong wind gusts and storms.

No matter what construction or design your home or business is, it is almost certain that we can come up with a custom design shade solution that will add appeal, functionality and value to your property. Our approach to the strength of our fixing points remains our highest priority which means your shade sail/structure will continue to look great for many years.

Shade Structures

Shade structures are a great option if you require extra height, e.g. playgrounds, large carparks etc. Our shade structures are galvanized and powder coated to match your existing décor and can be covered with Shade Plus 90 or with a 100% waterproof fabric.


Shade SailsOur awnings are a great option when you require shading over a window or a narrow area. Our awnings have proven to drastically reduce the heat in the areas they shade and are almost completely waterproof.
Our awnings feature

  • strong lightweight non corrosive aluminum frame
  • colour range 90 Plus inserts
  • up to 99% UV block out
  • adjustable arms for optimum positioning



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