While Advanced Sail Structures (retail and wholesale) started out as a retail shade company, we soon discovered that the only way we could guarantee our quality and timeliness was to be the best shade sail manufacturers ourselves.


Here’s how it came about. After promising a customer we’d have his sail installed by Christmas, and after receiving daily assurances from our manufacturer that the sail would be ready, we had to go back on our word because our shade sail manufacturers simply did not make the sail in time.

We vowed to never let a customer down like that again. We immediately opened a factory, bought state-of-the-art equipment, and employed experienced staff to make our own sails in-house.

Over the years we’ve improved our systems, tried new techniques, and listened to our wholesale customers. We believe we make the best shade sails in Australia – for both our retail and wholesale customers.


Wholesale Shade Sails and Structures:

If you’re a shade sail company looking for a reliable supplier who really understands the business – understands your needs, knows your challenges and frustrations, and has the skill to make exceptional sails, contact us.

We’ll provide you with the best shade sails in Australia and help your business to run smoothly. And we’ll honour our promises so you’ll never be caught having to go back on your word with a customer due to waiting for your shade sail manufacturer.


Domestic and Commercial Shade Solutions:

If you are a homeowner, school, child care centre, local council or business owner, we can design and manufacture a shade sail or structure that gives you the exact shade result you want. And because we are a shade sail manufacturer ourselves (in-house), we can guarantee the quality and the timeliness. Plus, because we don’t waste money on external suppliers for our sails, you’ll save.

Call today or send us a message and we will get back to you.

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