Warning: Not All Shade Sail Fabrics Are The Same!

Don’t Get Caught With A Fabric That Doesn’t Meet Your Need Or Doesn’t Last

Shade Sail Fabrics

I don’t mean to alarm you but, there’s more to choosing a shade sail fabric than picking a colour. Firstly you need to decide what type of weather protection you want, We will guide you and ensure you always have the best shade sail products available.


  • Do you merely want protection from the sun (shade cover)?
  • Or do you also want your sail or structure to be waterproof?
  • Shade Cloth Fabric, Block out varying amounts of direct sunlight
    (the darker the colour the more shade)
  • Block out varying amounts of U.V. radiation
    (the darker the colour the more protection – up to 98%)
  • Allow fresh air-flow making the shaded area cool even on a hot day
    (up to 15 degrees cooler than a traditional metal roof)
  • Although most shade sail products manufacturers claim their fabrics are ‘water resistant’, unless treated with a waterproofing agent, all shade fabrics allow rain to come through. Mind you, it won’t stream through. At first it usually just comes through as a fine mist. But during a heavy downpour, water droplets will form underneath the sail, depending on the pitch (angle of the sail) and the degree of runoff.



  • Block out varying amounts of direct sun light
    (the darker the colour the more shade).
  • Block out varying amounts of U.V. radiation
    (the darker the colour the more protection – up to 98%).
  • Prevent some of the air flow that you may enjoy with a shade fabric – but are generally still cooler than a traditional metal roof.
  • Stop water from coming directly through the fabric. But you do have to consider the design so that water doesn’t ‘pool’ on the top of the fabric (a rigid structure may be recommended depending on the pitch of the sail). And you also have to remember that rain may still blow in from the sides – as it would with any type of shelter.



Of the many locally made and imported shade sail fabrics on the market, most are woven or knitted with a combination of both Monofilament High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) [plastic] and Filler Thread or Tape (similar to what you would find in fruit and vegie sacks)

The Monofilament gives the fabric its strength. The Filler Tape gives the fabric its structure. The more Monofilament a fabric contains (less Filler Tape) the higher the quality.

After extensive, worldwide research and testing over the past 15 years, we have proven shade sail products, 5 fabrics to be reliable and gladly recommend them to you.

CLASSICSHADE 180 (Domestic):


A reliable fabric particularly suited to small to medium sails. It has excellent shade and UV protection, an extensive range of colours and a 10 Year UV Degredation Warranty (5 years full replacement, 5 years pro-rata — call out fee may apply).

DURASHADE 235/325 (Commercial):


This commercial grade fabric, available in two weights, is suitable for all sail sizes. It has superior strength with minimal stretch, excellent shade and UV protection, extensive colour range and a 10 Year Full Replacement UV Degredation Warranty (call out fee may apply).

MONOSHADE 370 (100% Monofilament):


This unique fabric is made of 100% monofilament. It has ultimate strength with almost no stretch, a range of both natural and vivid colours, round, smooth fibres that inhibit mould growth and are self-cleaning (rain washes the smooth surface clean).

It comes in a double width roll (6.5m) which means fewer seams, giving added strength and a more attractive finish. And it’s made locally right here in Brisbane. It has a 10 Year Full Replacement UV Degradation AND Under Tension Warranty.



Shade and waterproof fabrics come in a wide range of natural and vivid colours.
See a selection of these colours.

RAINSHADE (Waterproof):


This waterproof vinyl is lightweight and strong. Patented technology keeps the fabric under constant tension during manufacture making it stronger and more flexible. Available in an extensive colour range and with a 10 Year Full Replacement UV Degredation Warranty (call out fee may apply).


Other fabric brands you may run across in your research include Rainbow, Abshade, Polyfab, Monotec, Ferrari and others. Due to our longstanding in the shade sail industry, we have ongoing supplier arrangements with some of these companies and distribute a selection of their fabrics under our own brands.

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