Shade Structures Designed for Style and Functionality That Are Built To Last

Brisbane Shade Sails - Shade Structure Shailer Park

Shade sail structures are a great alternative to other permanent, fixed roofing structures – often 30-50% less money… and far more stylish in design.


Shade sail structures are perfect for large areas or areas where extra height is needed (e.g. playground, car park). A shade structure may also be a good choice if you would like your shelter to be waterproof.


  • Shade structures are rigid, steel frames, wrapped (covered) in shade or waterproof fabric.
  • Traditional shade sails are independent fabric ‘sails’ suspended by fixing points – usually at the corners.


Shade sail structures can be custom computer designed to almost any size and shape. They can be as simple as a four post, square structure with an elevated centre. This is the design you would most often see in a children’s playground.

Shade structures can also be designed in a cantilever style where a fabric canopy hangs off the side of a structure that is supported by just 2 posts. This is particularly useful for car parks and other places you may want to minimize the number of posts.

The rigid frame of a shade structure also allows you to fully enclose your shelter. Hang blinds from the frame to create a fully protected ‘outdoor room’.


When you’re looking for waterproof protection a shade structure is a terrific option. Unlike a traditional sail that is only supported at the corners, a shade structure supports the fabric across the entire width and breadth. This greatly reduces the risks of ‘pooling’ – the risk of water forming a ‘puddle’ on the fabric rather than running off the edge. To solve this challenge in traditional sails, a greater fall / pitch is needed so the water runs off with gravity. This is not nearly as much of a challenge with a rigid waterproof structure.

Our shade structures are galvanized and powder coated to match your existing building and environment. All our hardware (Turnbuckles, D Shackles, Eye Bolts, Pad Eyes etc) and cable are 316 grade stainless steel so they remain shiny and strong even in the harshest weather.

Our fabrics are of exceptional quality – guaranteed for up to 10 years — and come in many colours to complement your design.

All designs are prepared by an expert Shade Technician, double checked by an experienced Shade Manager and individually certified by an engineer to ensure absolute structural integrity.




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