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Pool Shade Sails – Why they are so important

According to recent statistics, around 2.7 million Australian homes have a swimming pool! Not only fun for the whole family, pools are perfect for entertaining friends, a great way to increase your fitness and can have a dramatic impact on the value of your home so If you are a lucky pool owner, no doubt coming into the warmer months you’ll be making use of your asset even more and one important thing to consider is shelter over your pool and the best form of pool shade sails are waterproof shade sails from Advanced Sail Structures. Here’s a few reasons why pool shade sails are the best solution for pool areas.

They Provide Excellent Sun Protection

Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer and it’s absolutely essential to protect your family’s skin from the harsh Australian rays. Shade sails will block out the UV rays by 90 – 95% so by installing shade sails over your pool you can enjoy a swim in your pool and be confident you won’t get sunburnt. Pool shade sails can be completely custom designed for your pool area and the structure won’t overshadow or enclose the area, so you’ll still feel like you’re completely outdoors.

They Keep Debris Out

It can be frustrating trying to keep a pool clean, trees and plants around your pool can cause debris to get into the water and end up in your filter system. Shade sails over and/or around your pool area will keep pesky leaves and sticks from entering your pool and causing any problems with your expensive filtration system.

They Will Keep You Cooler in Summer

High quality shade sails offer excellent sun protection whilst still providing air to flow through the material, this is especially important when the temperatures heat up. Installing shade sails over your pool area will help to keep you cool by allowing any breeze to flow through.

They Offers Protection from the Rain

Summer may be hot, but it can also be the season of rain and tropical showers. Pool shade sails offer great protection from the rain, allowing you to continue using your pool in almost any weather conditions. Manufactured from either shade cloth with and waterproof membrane or PVC fabrics, waterproof shade sails are specially designed to be 100% water resistant so the area beneath will be kept completely dry, and natural light will still be able to pass through.

They Look Great

You can custom design your shade sails to so they are not only a practical source of shade, they can offer a lot of visual interest to the area. By choosing colours, shapes and styles that will complement the existing colour scheme of your home, the waterproof shade sail structure will blend seamlessly into your property and provide a comfortable extension to your living area.

They Are Affordable and Easy to Install

Not only one of the most effective options when it comes to effective sun protection, shade sails are incredibly affordable and offer a great alternative to permanent and expensive shade structures. They are very easy to install as they can be put up and removed without any damage to the property they are attached to and unlike heavier structures, you won’t need a permit to erect shade sails over your pool. Shade sails are a simple way to add more value to your property without spending a fortune.

If you’re thinking about installing waterproof shade sails over your pool or other outdoor area, then contact the experts at Advanced Sail Structures. With over 20 years of experience providing shade solutions to homes and businesses all over Queensland, we’ll design, make and install the waterproof shade sails to suit your budget and requirements.

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