Does your shade sail need repair?
Has the shade fabric been damaged in a storm?
Is your shade sail sagging or coming apart at the seams?
Has the stitching failed?
Are the posts wobbling?


Don’t risk further damage (and expense) – phone now for free advice about shade sail repairs. We can get things fixed fast. And with possible fabric guarantees and your home or business insurance, you may not even be out of pocket.


We deal with a wide range of the best fabrics so we’re sure to have something that matches perfectly for your repair. Or, we can help you choose something new and show you the different fabric qualities available. We repair and manufacture in-house so we can guarantee the quality of every sail.


After 3-7 years, many sails need re-stitching. The standard polyester thread simply breaks down in the sun. We can show you our special monofilament stitching that is guaranteed for 15 years.



Contact us for free advice and fast shade sail repair and restitching service. Phone 1300 878 334.

Call today or send us a message and we will get back to you.