Get the maximum life out of your shade sails with our shade repair and maintenance service.


Are you looking for affordable and reliable shade sail repairs?


At Advanced Sail Structures, we repair shade sails of all sizes all over Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich and surrounds. From a simple shade sail re-stitch to major repairs, we can also clean and restore your existing shade cloth. We will inspect your existing shade sails and provide you with a quote to fix, tighten or clean your shade sails to get them looking as good as new and prevent damage from reoccurring.


Quick and Efficient Shade Sail Repairs in Brisbane


Queensland’s extreme weather conditions can cause rips, tears and sagging in shade sails. Don’t risk further damage (and expense), contact our experienced team today for free advice about shade sail repairs. We understand the positive impact shade sails can have in commercial and residential spaces so we get things fixed fast. With possible fabric guarantees and your home or business insurance, you may not even be out of pocket.


Our Shade Sail Repair and Maintenance Services


Depending on the nature of the problem, we will either carry out on-site or off-site repairs, as well as conduct on-site maintenance and cleaning to restore your shade sails to peak working condition.


Our services offering includes:

  • Storm damage repairs
  • Onsite inspections
  • Safety inspections
  • Condition reports
  • General maintenance
  • Sewing and re-stitching
  • Tightening
  • Cleaning


As with any outdoor product, your shade sail may need to be replaced after a number of years. If your sails are damaged beyond repair, we can help with cost effective shade sail replacement for your home or business.


We Re-Stitch Shade Sails and Fix Shade Sail holes


After 3-7 years, many sails need re-stitching. The standard polyester thread simply breaks down in the sun. We can show you our special monofilament stitching that is guaranteed for 15 years. We also deal with a wide range of the best fabrics so we’re sure to have something that matches perfectly for your repair. Or, we can help you choose something new and show you the different fabric qualities available. We repair and manufacture in-house so we can guarantee the quality of every sail.


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With a focus on supplying quality residential and commercial shade sails and awnings, we also know how to repair a shade sail so it doesn’t lose its appeal or functionality. If you have a shade sail that is damaged, contact us for free advice and fast repair and restitching service. Phone 1300 878 334.

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