Important Things You Need To Know Before You Buy A Shade Sail

If you’re looking for a shade solution that’s quick and inexpensive and looks stylish, a Shade Sail or Sun Sail may be just what you’re after as an alternative to the more expensive fixed structure. Shade Sails are fast becoming the number one choice in Australia for outdoor sun protection. The benefits are:

  • A sun sail can turn your exposed patio or deck into an entertaining area.
  • Pool sails keep your kids sun-safe in the pool.
  • Driveway sails or sail carports protect your car from the harsh elements.
  • Transform a garage into a room & add a shade sail to the driveway for cars.
  • Shades sail will give your garden or yard much-needed shade
  • Create a pergola or gazebo area you can relax in,
  • Cover large areas like car parks or playgrounds.
  • Shade sails are also perfect for schools, child care centres, restaurants

Shade Sails are made from sturdy shade cloth fabric (usually a combination of High Density Polyethylene and a Filler Thread or Tape) with a stainless steel cable sewn into the perimeter. They are suspended between posts or roof / wall fixings to provide shade coverage.

Although the original concept of a shade sail is simple, the differences in designs, components and manufacturing processes greatly affect your end result. Keep reading to discover…

Six Steps to Choosing a Shade Sail That Will Look Great And Last For Years



Differnet shapes (square, rectangle, triangle) will give you the shade coverage you want but we can help you chose the best shape to that will compliment your home or business. There are some very important design factors to consider. For example:


  • Triangle Shade Sails are visually interesting but give significantly less shade coverage than square shapes.


  • Square and Rectangle Shade Sails give excellent shade coverage but can look plain if designed poorly. Solution – installing 2 of the diagonal corners higher than the other corners gives a square or rectangle sail a very stylish twist. This can look spectacular and even give the visual effect of multiple sails. The height difference (slope) will also give better water and leaf runoff.


  • Multiple Sails can look stunning, especially when you mix colours. But again, you have to be mindful of the shade coverage you are wanting. Without significant overlap in the sails, sunlight (and rain) will stream through any gaps.


Take a look at some examples on our gallery pages. You’ll see sails in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours. And when you’d like some extra help, contact us and we’ll arrange for a Shade Technicians to design a shade solution that gives you both the visual appeal and practical functionality you’re after. 

Deck Shade Sail
Patio Shade Sail Shailer Park
Deck Shade Sail
Shade Fabric & Colours
Shade Structures
Shade Fabric & Colours



This is the part of the design that lets many sails down. We are constantly attending insurance jobs – fixing sails that have ripped, stretched or come away from their fixing points because of poor quality hardware and installation methods.


How do you plan to suspend your sail to give it maximum strength and minimum impact on the surrounding environment? Do you need to install posts? … and if so, are there any pipes or electrical cables in the way? Can some corners be suspended from an existing structure (roof, wall)? … and if so, what installation methods will you choose to ensure long-lasting strength… and… no damage to the existing structure?


What about the type of posts, brackets and fixing hardware you may need? All our posts are galvanized and powder coated to look great and remain rust-free for life. We recommend a minimum of 100x100mm with a wall thickness of at least 4mm for extra strength.


We dig our footings (the holes the posts go in) to depth of 1200mm and a width of 450mm so we can be sure your posts are rock solid. Many companies only go 800mm deep – we dig 50% deeper.


All our hardware (Turnbuckles, D Shackles, Eye Bolts, Pad Eyes etc) and cable are 316 grade stainless steel so they remain shiny and strong even in the harshest weather.



Do you want a ‘shade’ fabric that lets the cool breeze through, or would you prefer something that’s waterproof? And what about the quality – are you after something that’s reliable but a little cheaper, or do you want something that’s guaranteed to last for 10 years?

We offer 3 grades of shade fabric – ClassicShade, DuraShade and MonoShade. All are of a high quality and proven in harsh Queensland conditions. We can help you choose which is the most suitable option for your needs.


We custom computer design and manufacture in-house so we can maintain the finest standards of quality. All fabrics come in a great range of colours. Our Shade Technicians can show you samples in both shade and waterproof fabrics.

Shade Fabric & Colours
Shade Fabric & Colours
Shade Fabric & Colours
Shade Fabric & Colours



Were you thinking of a light or dark colour?


Lighter colours allow more light through and give slightly less UV protection. They also tend to show the dirt more.


Darker colours let less light through and give slightly more UV protection. And they don’t tend to show dirt, even after years.


When you meet your Shade Technician for a Free Design Consultation, she will show you samples of different fabrics including the range of colours.



Did you know that standard UV grade polyester stitching is likely to fail somewhere between 4 and 7 years? That’s why we recommend Monofilament Stitching like Gore Tenara. It’s the same type of stitching that’s used in the military, yacht racing sails and even in N.A.S.A. space suits. It’s guaranteed for 15 years.

Shade Fabric & Colours
Shade Fabric & Colours
Shade Fabric & Colours



Shade sails are designed to be under tension. That’s how they get their strength. As you drive around you’ll often notice sails that appear lose and even a bit ‘flappy’. That’s because the cable or fabric has stretched or the posts have moved. Some sails are suspended with rope. We only use marine grade stainless steel cable of at least 4mm so your sail will remain tight, strong and keep its stylish shape. During the manufacturingprocess the cable is double ‘lock’ stitched into the edge of the sail so it stays secure for years.


Shade sails are sometimes know as shades sail, shade sales, sails shade, sun sail and sun sails shade. They may be the perfect solution for your shade needs. And very affordable – installed from just $1495 for a small sail.


If our enjoy DIY projects, we can supply you with a custom designed DIY Kit with full instructions from just $975.

Contact us for a no obligation, Free Design Proposal. Phone on 1300 878 334 and we’ll arrange a time to meet you and assess your shade needs.