Computer Designed and Custom Made

Are you looking for a shade sail that fits perfectly and lasts for years and gives you the best shade results? Here’s part of our manufacturing process to give you the best result possible:


  • Firstly, your sail is designed and measured by an experienced shade technician who will give you helpful ideas from his many years of experience.


  • Using CAD (computer aided design) and our critical sizing formula (a carefully guarded secret) your sail design is finalized on-screen before any fabric is cut. This way we can make sure everything is perfect and your sail is the best design possible – the optimum shade, with minimal seams, and sized to have the perfect tension.


  • Your fabric is cut and sewn with lock stitching. The standard type of stitch you find on most sails will simply unravel if damaged. While our lock stitching takes a lot longer to sew, it means any damage is restricted to the immediate area – it won’t ‘run’.


  • Seatbelt webbing is sewn into the corners and cleverly ‘hidden’ under layers of fabric. This gives the corners a neat appearance and much-added strength.


  • Your sail is then installed and expertly tensioned (very important) so it looks great and lasts for years.

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To really get a shade sail that gives you the exact shade result you want, it has to be computer designed and custom made. Discover more about our manufacturing process or for a Free Design Proposal contact us or phone 1300 878 334.