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You can get too much of a good thing! The weather is glorious, and you cannot wait to enjoy some fun in the sun, but the Australian sun is harsh! Did you know Australian UV rays are the highest in the world?

So, whilst spending time outdoors feels appealing, it can quickly become too hot, unpleasant, and even dangerous.

Shade Sail Marsden - Advanced Sail Structures

In 1981 the famous Slip, Slop, Slap jingle made it on to Australian TV, and it made people aware of the importance of being protected from the Aussie sun.

Whilst shade sails protect you from harmful UV rays, they also provide comfortable and safe shade from the unrelenting heat from the sun.

Marsden, and Brisbane residents can retreat from the heat with a quality shade sail from advanced Sail Structures.

Shade Sails in Marsden

Marsden residents, your home is your oasis, it’s your escape; don’t hide indoors in the air conditioning during the hot summer months, enjoy comfort and protection from the harsh Australian sun with a shade sail from Advanced Shade Structures.

Do not sweat the summer, get a shade sail.

Our shade sails come in all shapes, shades, and sizes, so we know that we have the right fit for your décor, budget, and space.

Commercial Shade Sails in Marsden

A shade sail is not only a quality shading solution it is also an affordable way to provide shade to your Marsden commercial property; the following, but not limited to, commercial premise:

  • Restaurants and bar areas
  • Day-care centres
  • Schools
  • Hotel
  • Public pools

A shade sail not only provides 99% UV protected shelter from the sun, but a weatherproof shade sail can also provide relief from the rain.

Get an all-in-one solution and protect yourself from the elements with a shade sail from Advanced Sail Structures.

Shade Umbrellas in Marsden

Need an elegant solution to your shading needs? Try a large and stylish shade umbrella from Advanced Sail Structures. Simply call 1300 878 334 and see how a shade umbrella can elevate your property.

You think sun umbrella you have visions of people running down the beach after an out of control shade that has gotten caught in the wind, but a giant shade umbrella from advanced Sail Structures is anything but; with 18 metres of shade, and the ability to withstand high winds of up to 180kph, 98% UV protection, and 20 colours to choose from, you will have a built to last solution that not only works well, but looks great.

Carport Shade Sail in Marsden

Did you know parking your car under a shade sail can improve the longevity of your vehicle?

Cars that are parked in direct sunlight can endure cracked and/or faded paintwork.

Car batteries, when exposed to high temperatures can lead to evaporation, resulting in a weakened charge, and a potential flat battery.

Yes, the sun is not great for your car, it’s also unpleasant to step inside a hot car that’s been parked in direct sunlight. A carport shade sail can protect you and your vehicle from the elements, and it can add value and a touch of style to your property.

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There are many benefits to adding a shade sail to your Marsden property, and here are just a few of them:

  • It adds more usable real estate to your property.
  • They provide 98% UV Protection.
  • Weatherproof shades can protect you the rain and shine.
  • Shade sails add value to your home and/or business.
  • A carport shade sail can prolong the longevity of your vehicle.
  • With so many colours and designs, and our ability to customise solutions, we can complement and enhance your property.

For a quote, discussion, or more information on our range of domestic and commercial shading solutions, call 07 3806 3223, our team of friendly of professionals’ service Marsden, Brisbane, Ipswich, Gold Coast, Moreton Bay, Logan, and the surrounding areas.

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