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Advanced Sail Structures has a range of quality shading solutions at an affordable price.

If you want the best design, great value for money, and longevity for your shade sail, call the friendly team at Advanced Sail Structures for your domestic or commercial property in Slacks Creek.

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Why Choose Us?

Advanced Sail Structures have been providing quality shade sails for over two decades; we take a personalised approach to our customers and spend the time to understand exactly what our customers are trying to achieve and work with them to provide the perfect solution according to their taste, needs, and budget.

  • Our team of designers ensure each shade sail is the perfect fit for you Slacks Creek home or business; Advanced Sail Structures design, manufacture, and install sun shade sails, giving us full control to provide the highest quality.
  • Advanced Sail Structures provide an affordable solution to your shading needs.
  • Our wide range of colours, shapes, and fabrics means we have the perfect fit for your Slacks Creek property.
  • The team at Advanced Sail Structures provide UV protection, providing peace of mind.
  • We warrant every shade, so you know you are getting the best quality shade sail every time.

Have you Considered a Shade Sail for your Slacks Creek Property?

A shade sail provides the perfect sun protection solution for your Slacks Creek domestic, or commercial premises, and here’s why:

  • A shade sail provides the perfect shading solution for patios, pools, entertainment areas, driveways, playgrounds, restaurants and café outdoor areas.
  • A shade sail not only provides a stylish way to protect you from the heat, it has UV protection built in to shield you from the sun’s harmful UV rays.
  • Shade sails can cover small and large areas, so you get a customised shading solution.
  • A commercial shade sail can provide more seating for cafés, restaurants, and bars, providing the perfect alfresco dining experience
  • A shade sail can provide an affordable carport, so your vehicle is protected from the searing sun, whilst also providing protection from the elements as you enter and exit your car.
  • Why not choose a weatherproof shade sail from shade sail from Advanced Sail Structures, and enjoy protection from all the elements?

Not sure what shade sail will work for your Slacks Creek property, call the team at Advanced Sail Structures and we help consult on the best solution for your needs, budget, and décor.

Giant Shade Umbrellas for your Slacks Creek property

A giant umbrella provides both shade and style, and with our wide range of sizes, designs, and colours the team at Advanced Sail Structures can fully customise a solution that is tailored to your needs.

Why choose an umbrella for your Slacks Creek Property?

  • Our umbrellas have a swinging arm so they can be easily rotated 360 degrees for flexible coverage.
  • Made from quality materials, our range of umbrellas are durable and able to withstand 180 kph winds.
  • An Advanced Sail Structures umbrella can provide protection from all the elements, being waterproof it means you can enjoy an alfresco lunch whatever the weather.
  • We provide peace of mind with a 5-year warranty.
  • Our umbrellas are powder-coated steel, so you can perfectly match the décor of your Slacks Creek property.

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A Shade Sail for your Slacks Creek Property

Whether you need protection from the sun and/or rain, Advanced Sail Structures have a range of solutions for your Slacks Creek property.

Ask us about our domestic and commercial shade sail installations; we have a design to suit every need.

Contact 1300 878 334 for a FREE design consultation, you might be surprised by just how affordable our quality shade sails are.

Advanced Sail Structures provides sun-safe protection, a reprieve from the heat, and a stylish addition to any Slacks Creek property, so call us today.

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