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Shade Sail Maintenance & Repair Service

With the 2019 winter well underway, it’s time to consider some shade sail checks and maintenance for your Shade Sail. 

Advanced Sail Structure recommends that owners attend to checking the condition of your Shade Sail and fixings during the calmer winter months so that you know your sail and fixings are in good condition before we head into the summer months (storm season).

Well designed and installed shade sails are normally quite capable of handling Queensland’s storms and severe weather events if they are maintained and checked, but like any other part of your building if your Shade Sail is neglected then problems can occur.

Advanced Sail Structures carry out many shade sail repairs to storm-damaged Shade Sails in the Brisbane, Ipswich, Gold Coast, and Moreton Bay areas, and in most occasions, this damage could have been prevented if the Shade Sail had been checked and maintained.

Check all the fixing points, turnbuckle lock nuts and shackle pins should be tight. Note – These should be checked after every significant weather system. The wind has an amazing ability to rattle loose even the tightest of lock nuts and shackle pins. Visually check the Shade Sail for any loose threads or damage.

Check and adjust the tension of the Shade Sail, a loose sail will move and ‘flap’ significantly putting unnecessary loads on fixing points and posts, a properly tensioned Shade sail will withstand the strongest of winds much better.

If required Advanced Sail Structures offer a Shade Sail maintenance and repair service. Contact us if you would like to know more.

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