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Shade Structures – Flexible Sun Protection for patios, cars, boats & caravans.

While most people in Brisbane would know what a shade sail is, the same cannot be said about shade Structures.

Many people would have seen shade structures at the local shopping centre or at the sports stadium, but not many people are aware that the shade structures can also be used in many applications around your home or business.

A shade sail is attached under tension between posts allowing for limitless designs and shapes whereas a shade structure is supported by a frame.

By using a frame, we get the benefits of a fixed structure roof while having the architectural look and feel of a shade sail.

In this article, I will explain why a shade structure is a great option for sun protection over your outdoor living area and is a great option for protecting your car, boat, caravan etc.

Outdoor living has become very important over the years, especially in Brisbane and the great South East, and every day I see more an increasing number of home and business owners appreciating the benefits living in this climate offers. Decks and patios are becoming more sophisticated and are becoming the new living space when the weather is nice and sunny. But for full enjoyment and comfort, any outdoor living space needs either shade, or all-weather protection. While there are many different shade solutions, shade structures are becoming more popular. The beauty of a shade structure is that it can be custom designed to fit most applications and cover almost any area, and best of all, they look astonishing!

Shade structures are also a fantastic structure to protect  your car, boat or any valuable purchases that you want to protect from the harsh elements in Brisbane.

The design choices, fabrics and colour options are vast, and we can walk you through the many designs that are available, or we can work with you to create your own design ideas.

A shade structure is an excellent addition to your business, patio or veranda, and have many benefits over the traditional patio cover of carport roofing systems. Shade structures not only provide shade and protection from the harsh and hot Brisbane sun, they can also be waterproof for the Brisbane summer storms and rain.


When the weather is nice, outdoor areas such as decks, verandas and patios become a family’s main living space. Shade is essential, and it must be provided. While there are many shade solutions available, consider a shade structure. They can fit most applications and can be custom designed to cover almost any area. Best of all, they are an excellent addition and decorative accessory that also provide shade and all-weather protection from the harmful UV radiation and protection for those summer rains and storms.

Our entire range of shade and waterproof fabrics are ideal for any shade structure, all you need to do is decide if you want a shade canopy or a waterproof canopy, then choose your colour. It is that simple!

Advanced Sail Structures have designed and built shade structures for 15 years, we service the Gold Coast, Brisbane north and south and Ipswich and surround areas.

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