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Tips for Buying Shade Sails in Brisbane, Gold Coast

Shade Sails have become a very popular and practical shade solution because of their versatility, stylish looks, cost effectiveness and low maintenance when installed correctly using quality products.

Shade Sails are used in both domestic and commercial applications. Domestic uses such as swimming pool shade, patio shade, outdoor entertainment shade, and carport shade are now very popular. Commercial uses such as childcare centre shade, car park shade, smoker’s area shade and cafe eating area shade.

If you are considering installing a shade sail to your home or business, there are some factors you should take into consideration. If you are going to purchase a Shade Sail in Brisbane, you should be aware that there are not only varying levels of quality but also variations in the quality of installation methods.

Here are a few tips to help you decide to make your purchase of a Shade Sail:

  • UV protection of material. Not all materials have the same UV (sun blocking) performance. You would think that the more expensive the material the better the UV blocking would be, this is not always the case; make sure you check the fabric physically not just out of the literature.
  • Fittings and stitching: Make sure you use quality fittings and stitching or you will pay the price a few years down the track.
  • Quality of installation. The depth of post footings, strength of fittings, how fittings are fixed to walls are all things look at when choosing a company to install your shade sail in Brisbane. Installation quality of your shade sail is not an area to try to save money in. It will result in a loose or saggy shade sail or worse a shade sail that could come loose and tear or break away.
  • Why choose Advanced Sail Structures. At Advanced Sail Structures we offer value for money and competitive pricing. We have been installing Shade Sails throughout the Brisbane and Gold Coast areas for over 10 years. We do not compromise on our installation methods even on our budget Shade Sails. We choose only the best performing shade sail materials and fixings. We will show you the all the brands to help you choose the one most suited to your needs.

    If you would like further information contact us at or ring us on 1300 878 334

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